La Monestarié

A Tuscan villa

along the “Bastide” trail of fortified Albigensian towns.

The architect was undoubtedly inspired by Italy when designing this stunning mansion with its high louvered shutters, and its Italian cypress trees and unique Occitan light tempt you into leisure and

Behind the imposing 19th century façade lies a far older patio bordered by brick arcades
that, it’s said, once housed the Bernac monks.

In the park, the oblique shade of the Italian umbrella pines inspires you to take a stroll as the geese glide across the lake and time seems to stand still.

Where time seems to stand still ...

And memories are unforgettable!

If you’re feeling more active, the swimming pool surrounded by boxwood behind the dry-stone walls offers its wooden terraces and a majestic view of the landscape.

If you’re the wandering type, we have electric bikes available so that you can explore the countryside without too much effort.

Indoors, there’s a games room for those who enjoy snooker or a game of cards or chess by the large brick fireplace.

As night falls, the stuccoed living
rooms glow in the twilight, and the library’s cosy armchairs invite you to relax around the grand piano.

Amenities and Services

Vast inner courtyard
Reception hall
Secure car park
Games room
Shady park with lake and terraces
Outdoor play area
Electric bicycles
Charging station for electric cars
Massages & body treatments *
Train station/airport transfer on request *
* on demand.

Suites & Apartments

Destination “Occitania”